vocation and working.

Chesterwye recognizes each "Individual" is different in their level of ability in the workplace.

However, with proper supervision, counseling and "real life" experience, Adults with Intellectual Disabilities can contribute significantly in the working community.

Chesterwye provides many opportunities in its Vocational program for "Individuals" to gain confidence, self-esteem and independence while also earning a "paycheck". Whether its full time, part time, in our Day Center or at a local business, we believe in the value of productive work.

bring home the goldAfter job training and an evaluation procedure, our "Individuals" have the opportunity to choose where to work. We currently provide cleaning services to over 20 locations in Queen Anne's and Talbot County. Chesvend, a vending machine company, owned and operated by the "Individuals of Chesterwye" services over 60 soda and snack machines in three different Counties on the Maryland's Eastern Shore. Other job locations include Safeway, Real Estate companies, Acme Supermarkets, Queen Anne's County School System, Senior Citizen Homes, Day Nurseries, Greenhouses and Hotels.

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